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Bryan Insurance Agency Blog: 2_2012

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The answer to the question, “How much life insurance should I take out?” is often met with the seemingly counter-productive question, “How much life insurance do you need?” This is not because life agents wish to be difficult or mysterious but because this question is not one they can answer for you but one you must answer for yourself. READ MORE >>

Insurance is a static product—but it shouldn’t necessarily be. Your insurance plan should be dynamic and should respond to the changes that you go through over the course of your life. But the only way for your insurance policies to be dynamic is for you to review them regularly so that you can ensure that they keep up with the pace of your life. READ MORE >>

How are insurance rates set?      How does insurance work?People buy insurance coverage to protect themselves from potential future loss. In exchange for payment of a known fee—the insurance premium—the policyholder is able to transfer his or her potential risk to an insurance company, which agrees to pay in the event of such a loss. READ MORE >>

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